Benefits Of Using Squatting Toilet | How Bathroom Posture Affects Health

Benefits Of ''Squat Position To Poop'' And How Defecation Posture Can Treat ''Hemorrhoids And Constipation''

There is now widespread awareness and evidence worldwide that defecation posture does affect our body and the most important disease it can affect is hemorrhoids which is ailing half of America and the best way to counter this painful condition is to get yourself off that sitting posture in toilet and adopt squatting position.

Let us analyze the whole mechanics of our defecation procedure. Humans can to an extent control their defecation through control on contraction in the anal sphincter but it alone cannot maintain continence it is supported by a kink between our rectum where feces add up and the anus where from the feces are released from the body.

When a person is standing up this kink known as anorectal angle is at about ninety degrees angle hence helping in exerting upward pressure on our rectum and helping in keeping the feces inside the body. Now when we sit in a squatting position this bend straightens out and allows easy defecation while in sitting position the bend does not straighten fully thereby makes us strain and invites hemorrhoids.

Dr Dov Sikiroy a doctor from Israel conducted an experiment in 2003 to find out if there was really any difference between sitting and squatting position. The results were quite alarming as people who squatted took an average of only 51 seconds to move their bowels as compared to a whooping 2 minutes 10 seconds in sitting position.

We as humans have been squatting to poop for thousands of years and that is the way we have evolved but only till recently in 16th century have we switched to this sitting position which is not natural so it is time to go back the squatting way and reduce health ailments.

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