Toilet Squat Stool In India- Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How did the idea of squat stools come up?

Humans have been evolving in such a way that they want comfort in everything like they would drive all the way to the gym to run comfortably on the treadmill or sit in front of the tv for hours , use lift instead of stairs and they took this comfort to another level by switching their natural position of defecation by using a sitting position toilet seat just because it made them feel more comfortable and at ease but the health professionals were always skeptical of this new trend and slowly there worst fears came into being when cases of people having conditions like constipation, abdominal bloating, piles increased in people who were using sitting position compared to squat position.

There we thought that most of the toilets in urban India which are made now have these western type sittings and it would be unfeasible for people to replace them hence we thought of making something which is in budget and can fit with these modern seats allowing people to switch to the natural position.

What is the Size of Toilet Squat Stool

The height of the stool from the floor is 9 inches which is considered the ideal height to put your legs on for perfect squat position. Complete dimension in centimeters - 47*32*21

Creative process behind the design?

We were actually surprised when we researched that people in the west had already woken up to this problem and had already started making bamboo squat stools and plastic stools. There we it made our belief more firm and we decided to introduce a similar product for Indians too.

Did you work with doctors on the design?

We did consult doctors, naturopaths, yoga professionals to ascertain that indeed squat position is the best and natural way to defecate, our bodies are designed that way. Squatting position helps in quick elimination of waste and hence prevents conditions like hemorrhoids, constipation and other stomach ailments.

What has the response been like so far?

The response has been quite encouraging. The good thing is that our own customers recommend the product to their friends and family which is a clear indication that people are indeed benefiting from this simple switch in position.

Has the demand grown since its launch?

Demand has been growing steadily as more and more people come to know about it. We have customers who buy multiply quantities for their whole family and we have now plans to make it available in medical stores soon.

Where are most of your clients based?

We have clients from all over India but most demand is from New Delhi. For now we ship within India only but there are regular enquirers from abroad as well mostly Canada and UK.

What is your client demography like - age group, gender, nationality etc?

As I said we ship within India only for now, our customers are generally people above the age of 40. The percentage of male customers is higher compared to females.

Do you get a lot of enquiries from within India? If yes, what are the various reasons?

Yes we do, reasons vary from doctors recommending use of Indian style toilets to people themselves realizing the need to switch to the natural position and some people require it to control their hemorrhoids.

Can you talk about the long-term advantages of squatting over sitting?

First and foremost advantage is that our bodies are designed for squat position only, it helps in faster elimination thereby decreasing chances of hemorrhoids, prevents constipation and keep the colon healthy and so on.

What are the various long-term complications that western toilets can lead to? Any Indian stats/studies you can help us with?

Most common ones are incomplete evacuation, excess strain which can cause hemorrhoids and an unhealthy colon.

Most new development projects boast western loos. Do you think western loos are becoming an aspirational thing in India (both urban and rural)? Why do you think that is?

We as a nation have a habit of getting inspired from the west, we think what they are doing is best and try to copy them but see even westerners have realized the harmful effects of their design and this infact is their concept. We should have at least one squat style seat in our homes.

Do you think India as a country is increasingly failing to realize the benefits of traditional loos? Are we inviting trouble with our fixation for western loos?

Yes and i think it is time to wake up. We tend to look down on our traditional squat seats which is completely wrong thinking.

Are Indians slowly waking up to the benefits of the traditional loo? Yes but the change is too slow. We are still copying the outdated western loos and the westerners are slowly following our traditions.

Are people comfortable placing an order?

Since we are customer friendly company we try to put the client at ease and do not ask any embarrassing questions. We try to emphasize on the positive benefits of the product and try to make the order process as simple as possible.

Stay Healthy.