Correct Defecation Posture : Review And And Analysis Of Correct Defecation Posture In Humans



correct defecation posture
One of the most popular thing going around these days is the debate on what is the right posture to defecate or poop. Whether it is the sitting position or the one Asians use that is the squat position.

The recent reports and studies done in countries like Israel, USA and Japan have revealed that our body has been designed to defecate while sitting in the squat position. We have evolved in this manner, our ancestors who used to fight it out in the jungle day and night had no idea that their future generations will be sitting and texting their friends while pooping.

Hence they evolved their bodies by sitting on the ground in squat position and passing out stools as quickly as they could to avert any dangers because they were more prone to attacks in this relaxed mode.

We had been doing the same thing throughout our evolution of thousands of years but suddenly the industrial revolution changed everything and even entered our bathroom.

The invention of sitting toilet seat changed the way we would defecate but our body was not ready and as a side effect a number of diseases which were not so common had started becoming a normality like hemorrhoids, toxic colon, constipation and so on.

This thing carried on for almost 400 hundred years but in recent years some experts took a note of this thing and found out the ill effects of sitting toilet seat and thereby recommended that to defecate one should use squat position.

Now people who did agree to change their poop position had another big hurdle and that was - how do they squat on a sitting toilet seat and changing and installing an asian squat toilet seat would cost a lot of money.

This is where the innovative product like '' toilet squat stool'' came into effect and solved a major problem in the best possible way without costing a fortune.

People who are already suffering from conditions like hemorrhoids and constipation are the ones who urgently need to change their defecation posture as it can bring them a lot of relief.

How toilet squat stool helps in hemorrhoids is question which comes to our mind. The answer lies in the time spent on passing your stools.

A hemorrhoids sufferer should spend as much less time as possible on defecation because the more time he spends the worse his hemorrhoids will become.

And in all studies and trials it has been found that the squat position to poop takes much less time for bowel movements compared to sitting position and their is less straining as well which is the major cause of hemorrhoids.

Same thing applies to constipation as well, straining makes it worse and squat position will help in complete removal of waste from the body.

Toilet Squat Stool hence is a necessity for people now as it will help in getting back to the original position we humans should be using to defecate.

And if you are making a new home make sure that there is at least one Asian style squat toilet in your home.