Sitting Toilets Are The Main Cause Of Hemorrhoids


How Sitting Toilets Are Causing Hemorrhoids

The relation between the sitting position for bowel movement and hemorrhoids has been very much neglected for past many years which is quite surprising because a wrong pooping or defecation posture is the number reason for cause of hemorrhoids.

The plain and simple reason why a sitting toilet can invite hemorrhoids is that when one sits to defecate in sitting position there is a need to put extra strain for passage of stools and this very straining over a period of time can lead to piles.

This can also be verified by looking at the demographics of hemorrhoids sufferers. A vast majority of people suffering from piles are from regions where there are sitting toilets while in places where squatting toilets are used the prevalence of hemorrhoids is much less.

There are all types of advises for treatment of piles like eating lot of fiber, exercising, keeping body hydrated, not holding back your bowel movements but again no one ever mentions to correct the defecation posture which is so important to fight hemorrhoids.

In sitting position the body is in an unnatural position to defecate but squatting posture helps in straightening the colon and allows for easy passage of waste from the body without much straining thereby reducing or eliminating hemorrhoids.

The squatting position on a sitting toilet can be easily achieved with use of bathroom squat stool which is available on this site.