How Safe It Is To Use A Squat Toilet During Pregnancy


Is It Safe To Use Squat Toilet When Pregnant

Yes. But, if you are not in the habit of using a squat toilet you may want to check with your doctor first.

Squat toilets are often believed to be more hygienic than sit-down toilets. Some find that squatting helps make passing stools faster, easier and more complete. Squatting may also help prevent

It is completely safe to use a squatting toilet during pregnancy but make sure to consult your doctor first if you are going to use it for the first time better option would be to use a toilet squat stool rather than a squat toilet as it will take some effort to get used to if you have not used it before.

It is a fact that squatting position helps in passage of stools much easier and quicker.

Squatting to poop while pregnant is also recommended by many experts as regular squatting helps in strengthening muscles in the abdomen and thighs and prepare the body for child birth.

The squat position is also considered as the natural position to give birth to a child.

While using a natural squat toilet remember to wear skid proof slippers, check for cleanliness if using a public toilet, do not strain if you have constipation consult your physician.

The better option would be a toilet squat stool which can be placed under a sitting toilet seat and will help in achieving the natural squat position. It is a great tool specially for women who are pregnant.

Pregnant women are prone to constipation and hemorrhoids and toilet squat stool can help prevent both conditions.