Squat Position Is The Best Position For Pooping In Toilet And Treating Constipation And Hemorrhoids


Squat Position While Pooping Is Best For Defecation And Treating Constipation And Hemorrhoids

A Lot Of Studies Have Revealed Squatting Position Is The Best Body Position To Empty The Bowels

These findings can be easily ascertained by having a look at the shape and design of a human colon.

On the western styled toilet seat we defecate in a sitting position but it is actually not possible to completely evacuate waste from our body in the sitting position no wonder everyone of us at times have felt like a feeling of incomplete evacuation thus inviting uneasiness in the stomach all day and low energy levels at the same time.

The modern style toilets have forced people to adapt to the sitting position which is causing great pain, suffering and undue distress to humans. Hence it is time to go back to the way we are designed to pass out waste.

There is no surprise that their is a worldwide surge in people suffering from colon related diseases.

There is no guarantee that people who adopt the squat position will never suffer from colon diseases but they will definitely bring down the percentage of suffering from diseases related to colon and pelvic area specially hemorrhoids and constipation

Wash your hands a book by Steven Arnott mentions that even a small child understands why squatting is better, it is our natural position which is why a young child always sits in that position while passing out waste. Squatting helps in spreading the buttocks apart to reveal anus whereas sitting position is exactly the opposite.

In the sitting position there is a natural bend caused between anus and rectum which causes us to strain a bit harder leading to a lot of health problems most common one being hemorrhoids as well as bladder, prostate, pelvic-related problems.

So it is quite evident even to a lay person that squat position is the best position to eliminate human waste as it helps in aligning the rectum and anus thereby helping in easy and quick defecation and decreasing chances of having a number of diseases.