Squatty Potty Review Article

Squatty Potty Review

Squatty Potty is an innovative styled bathroom stool which helps in correcting our poop position in the bathroom. It addresses a very important health concern which has gone unnoticed for a long time that the modern styled comfortable bathroom seat for defecation has got it all wrong and is inviting a lot of diseases.

The company is full of confidence about squatty potty and intends to enter every possible bathroom which has a western styled toilet seat. So people suffering from problems like constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases related to the colon and pelvic floor area.

Squatty Potty has been around for a while now and company claims to have sold around 1 million units and they have high customer satisfaction rate which bears testimony to the efficacy of this innovative product.

The official website of squatty potty is quite catch and informative and explains in a very simple way that why the sitting position in the toilet is just not the right one as it creates a kind of kink in the colon and leads us to strain to flush out the waste from our body which increases chances of hemorrhoids and leaves us with incomplete defecation.

Many experts also claim that our bodies were designed to defecate in the squat position only and we were doing it for thousands of years but only recently with the introduction of western styled toilets have we switched to the sitting position. A young child who is unaware of anything will always sit in squat position simply because we are programmed to do it.

We have evolved wile pooping in squat position and it has been part of our evolution and people are also slowly but steadily waking up to this fact and this is where products like squatty potty come into play.

For people who are looking to switch to squat position while pooping but have western styled stools can derive great help from this product as it helps them replicate the same posture as that of squat and helps them defecate quickly and completely.

The company mentions that it takes some time and practice for the body to adjust to this new position which is usually a weeks time but once you get used to it you never want to go back to the sitting posture.

So overall looking at the large number of satisfied customers list and the innovative side of this squat stool it is indeed one of best products to come out in recent past to address our stomach related issues.

Stay Healthy- Ajeet Gautam