A Ginger Psyllium Husk Smoothie To Treat Constipation

It is a common thing for people to reach out for chemically made over the counter remedies to get rid of their constipation but remember these quick fixes are bad for your health in the long run and do not provide the body the nutrients it is craving for.

Here is a way to provide your body with healthy fiber which can help in clearing out the waste from the body.

The drink is known as pysllium husk or sat isabgol and ginger mix drink for constipation relie
You will need 5 green apples of organic apple juice half liter, one carrot although not mandatory, 1 spoon each of grounded ginger and sat isabgol or psyllium husk.

Juice your apples then put into a blender with the ginger and psyllium husk. Blend until smooth and drink immediately.

After preparing your apple juice put ginger, psysllium husk and juice in a blender and blend until it become a smoothie and drink the juice.

Drink up to 3 glasses of water in duration of 2 to 3 hours so that psyllium can move in your colon.

Have a light lunch and dinner because isabgol will expand in your stomach making you feel full.

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