Chronic Constipation – Simple Lifestyle Changes To Treat Chronic Constipation

Constipation happens to almost everyone and it is not a cause of worry but if the constipation has become chronic then immediate steps need to be taken as it can lead to other dangerous diseases.

Constipation is mainly caused due to a diet that is either very high in fat or extremely low in fibre. Other causes include dehydration caused because of not drinking enough water, not getting adequate physical exercise, some types of medications, avoiding visiting the loo when you actually want to or even pregnancy.
People who eat a diet low in fibre or very high in fat mostly end up being constipated. Other factors include dehydration due to low intake of water, lack of physical activities, intake of some allopathic medications and even holding your bowel movements can lead to constipation.

A large number of pregnant women also suffer from constipation.

Regular or mild constipation usually goes away in small period of time while for a slightly advanced case laxatives can be very handy. One such laxative is psyllium husk or sat isabgol which is very highly effective in treating constipation.

The treatment of chronic constipation is mostly concentrated on including fibre rich foods in diet.

Stay away from rice and white bread instead eat chappatis or go for brown bread and brown rice.

Brisk walking or any other physical exercise will help your bowels moving.

When you poop dont sit but squat as it helps in complete elimination of waste from the body.

Toilet squat stool can help in sitting in squat position in your western toilet seat.


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