Colon Cleansing With Green Tea Process, Effects And Benefits

It seems like detoxing is the new trend which has caught up with everyone in everything they do. People are detoxing things like relationships, friends, their clothes and even internet but still one thing they are missing out on detoxing is their food and indulge carelessly in eating outside unhealthy fast food.

Detoxing your body has been made to feel like a very big task but actually it is a very simple thing to do provided you know the exact process. Let us find out how one can easily detox his or her system and rejuvenate the whole system completely.

The first and foremost thing is to start drinking appropriate amount of water. Add tea leaves to your water as tea is powerful anti oxidant and helps in cleansing of our system. Here we mean green tea not the regular red label tea.

Some of the benefits of green tea include it being anti cancer, helps in fat loss ,keeps the body hydrated in hot weather and has been considered helpful in Alzheimer disease.

Green tea can be taken two times a day once in the morning and evening for optimum effects.

When looking to cleansing of colon also include senna leaf as it helps as a natural laxative.

Keep in mind to use a genuine green tea brand like organic India , keep the routine consistent and exercise regularly to make the process quick and effective.

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