Constipation In Pregnancy Home Remedies

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting periods of a woman’s life but along with the excitement there are many complications involved as well for instance constipation.

According to a recent study almost 25% of women suffer from constipation during pregnancy.Let us discuss about some of the causes that lead to constipation in pregnant women and how remedial measures can be taken to gain relief from the situation.

Decreased Intake Of Water And Food

Nausea in early parts of pregnancy can make you feel like not eating or having water and if you also vomit it will lead to a dehydrated body thus making your stools hard and invite constipation.

Iron Supplements

The intake of iron supplements is a very common cause of constipation during pregnancy. Body finds it difficult to absorb this iron and a very negligible portion is transferred to blood stream and rest is left in the intestines thereby again causing stools to become hard.

The alternative is to eat food which is rich in iron like green vegetables, meat, and herbal extracts.

Here are some tips to overcome constipation problem in pregnancy

Drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning

Go for long walks it will keep the system moving and make you stay fit

Taking a spoonful of coconot or olive oil before a meal can greatly help in treating constipation

At all cost avoid caffeinated drinks as they act as diuretics and can cause dehydration leading to many problems.

Drinking enough water and exercise play a very important role in keeping you bowels healthy.

While passing stools try to sit in a squat position which can be achieved by using a toilet squat stool which you can buy at


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