Five Benefits Of Using Indian Squat Toilet Seat

Let us discuss today the five benefits which an Indian toilet user has over a user of western toilet user.

1. Natural Exercise

Indian toilets are designed in a way that the user has to sit in a squat position to defecate which naturally helps in keeping his body parts like knees and thighs in good shape and fitness.

2. Eco Friendly

Use of toilet papers extensively in western styled toilets is anti environment as we all know how many trees are felled down to meet the paper requirements. Indian toilet users use a small amount of water hence it is natural and eco friendly.

3. More Hygienic

Western toilet seats users are more prone to catching diseases because multiple users sit on the seats and using paper to wipe out the dirty waste is not a very hygienic thing to do. Compared to Indian toilet seats where one has to squat there are less chances of catching germs or bacteria and using water to clean up is definitely a more wise thing to do.

4. Less Time In Defecation
It has been found that Indian squat toilet users spend less than half the time in eliminating waste compared to users of western style toilet seats.

5. Prepares Us For The Worst
You never know when nature comes calling during a road trip or in a forest where there is no sitting toilet seat. So a person used to squatting to poop will easily adjust to the situation to eliminate waste as compared to a western toilet seat user who will struggle to do it.

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