For Chronic Constipation Surgery Might Not Help

If you are having less than 3 bowel movements in 7 days time then you are suffering from a bad case of constipation.

In case of chronic constipation an individual can go off without a bowel movement for weeks and new research does not bring any good news for chronic constipation sufferers as it states that even a surgery can be of no use in some cases of chronic constipation.

In the surgery a part of colon is removed , it is called subtotal colectomy. In a startling fact it was revealed that almost 29 percent of the people had to be hospitalized again within 30 days of surgery.

Plus the surgical approach comes with a lot of complications and costs and not everybody can bear them.

So the best way is to keep a healthy lifestyle and eat on time and healthy food should be accommodated in the the diet for natural relief from constipation

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