How Hygienic Are Public Toilet Seats

At Infectious Diseases Society of America annual meeting a study was presented that stated that public toilets were the most germ ridden places. The extent of germs in these toilets were so wide that it was not even possible in some cases to measure them.

This is reason enough to worry next time you use a public toilet seat which might look clean but is carrying trillions of germs with it.

According to Sani Seat a toilet accessory maker around 60 percent people in America prefer not to sit on public toilets.

But the fear is too far blown because most of these germs cannot enter our body through skin unless you have a cut or wound there is no need to worry.

There were also concerns that herpes, std and HIV can transmit through public toilets but these viruses do not survive for long in the air specially on cold sitting toilet.

The main carrier and most dangerous are our hands which can transmit bacteria when we touch our eyes or wound or even nose.

So whenever you visit such public toilets make sure to wash your hands thoroughly so that no germs are lingering on them.

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