How To Keep Digestive System Healthy With Simple Exercises

Today let us find out various exercises can help in keeping our stomach healthy and function at its best.

Our digestive system is a complex network of multiple organs working in tandem to keep everything in check. What we eat highly determines the state of our digestive system.

The human bodies physical health is dependent on three essential factors, they are food, exercise and sleep and it is very important to maintain a balance between the three of them for healthy living and disease free life.

Regular exercise and correct breathing can have a positive effect on our digestive system as it helps in awakening or activating the digestive enzymes. Exercise helps in opening all energy block and aids in digestion and movement of bowels , thereby treating constipation.

Some of the effective exercise for a healthy digestive system are surya namaskar, forward bends, backward bend, swimming and cycling.

And yes be regular with your routine make it a habit to exercise regularly, eat healthy and avoid alcohol and tobacco.

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