Rice Water For Constipation And Skin Renewal

Rice water is relatively not known as a health drink but it actually it possesses a sea of health benefits. Let us discuss about some of them –

Rice water is an excellent remedy for treating diarrhea specially in children. A considerable amount of water is lost from the body in diarrhea and rice water helps in replenishing the water levels in the body.

Viral Infections
If a patient vomits or there is water loss from the body in a viral infection , rice water can help in overcoming dehydration and also makes available vital nutrients for fast recovery.

Rice water is rich in fibre hence it helps in easy bowel movement. Presence of starch in rice water helps in growth of good bacteria in stomach thereby helping in treating constipation and improve digestion.

Rice water is an excellent tool for skin tightening . It is also used as a toner and face wash. Regular use of rice water tightens the skin and give you a youthful looking skin.

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