Role Of Enzymes In Our Digestive Process

Enzymes, quite simply digest or break down our food into smaller particles. They are found in our saliva, stomach, pancreas and small and large intestines.

The role of enzymes in our body is to digest as well as break down the food further into small portions or particles. Enzymes are present in different forms and proportions in our stomach. pancreas, saliva and in both the intestines.

  • When there is a problem in breaking down food we tend to suffer from conditions like flatulence, constipation, bloating, cramping and so on.Boosting Our Enzymes Naturally

    We can improve the powers of our enzymes by eating enzyme friendly foods.

    Another important aspect is to chew your food properly and just not gulp it down.

    Eat bitter green lettuces which contain enzymes and also stimulate digestive juices.

    Eating raw food is also good because foods also contains enzymes .

    Also it is better to avoid taking too much fluids when having a meal as it confuses the digestive process.

    Kiwi , papaya and pineapple are considered to be very enzyme rich foods and should be consumed regularly.

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