Treating And Preventing Constipation In Children

Constipation in children can cause lot of discomfort and pain in children and this condition should be treated at the earliest.

Symptom of constipation in children can be dry and very hard stool sometimes even accompanied by blood.

A lot of children tend to suffer from constipation specially the ones who are getting into the toilet training mode.

It is very much necessary to make them drink lots of water as it helps in softening the stool.

Also it has been noted that scolding children can have adverse effect on their bowel movement. So instead of scolding them, be patient with them and instead reward them with gifts when they do things in an order specially the ones new to toilet training.

Parents should also make their children eat fruits and vegetables specially papaya and avocado.

If a child is having difficulty in eating fruits try to give them fruit juice or smoothies.

Prune juice helps in combating constipation and can be given daily to your child.

Do not develop habit of junk food eating in your children and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for them.

Teach them to squat when pooping with help of toilet squat stool or have an indian styled toilet installed in your bathroom

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