What Is Theory And Science Behind Right Pooping Posture

There is lot of talk about the right pooping posture these days whether it is in the sitting position or squat position. So let us analyze what exactly this new thing is all about and what is the theory behind the pooping posture craze that is driving the world crazy these days.

There is an angle called anorectal angle which is the correct angle to pass out poop from the body. According to this theory the body should be placed at an angle close to 35 degrees when passing out poop which easily achieved when we sit in a squatting defecation posture.

But when we sit to defecate we are at an angle of 90 degrees which causes a slight bend in the colon thereby causing difficulties in passing bowel movements and inviting diseases like constipation and hemorrhoids.

This theory has been approved by many studies done worldwide and even leading medical specialists have stated that squatting to poop is the only way to completely eliminate waste from a human body.

So switch to squat poop position and live a healthy life.

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